George Natera

(786) 373-7750

George Natera

I.T. Guy - Problem Solver



With over ten years’ worth of experience running my own IT business, I’ve learned to be the repair/on-site guy, network technician, salesman, help desk, graphic designer, coder, advertiser, web designer, business planner, accountant, and much more.


My skills include, but are not limited to:

  • PC / Laptop / Cellphone / Tablet Repair
  • Soldering - Through hole and SMT
  • Upgrading PCs and Servers
  • System Optimization / Tune-up
  • Virus Removal
  • Backups
  • Remote Help Desk
  • CSR
  • Forensic Data Recovery
  • Password Recovery
  • Network Setup / Diagnosis
  • DVR Camera Systems
  • Home Entertainment Systems
  • Web Design / CMS
  • Web Server Administration
  • Business Card Design
  • Phone Unlocking and Rooting
  • Paid Consultant (Various)
  • Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Sony Vegas, Dreamweaver, Quickbooks, and much more.


I like a challenge, and am continuously learning new skills. The following are a few of the challenges some of my past customers have given me:

  • Can you create a hidden wireless 1080p 3D projection system that comes out of this tiny table?
  • Can you set up a half mile Wi-Fi so I can control my fish farm machinery from home?
  • Can you help in an identity theft investigation?
  • Can you deploy DVR systems for all my stores, and then chain them together over the internet?

INTERMEDIATECustomer Relations

Customer relations are essential to any business. Always courteous, I try to break things down into easy-to-digest chunks while keeping customers up-to-date through phone, e-mail, and text interactions. In the end, I try to leave a three-fold impression on my customers: “This guy knows what he’s doing”, “I don’t have to worry anymore”, and “I’ll leave it all to him from now on”.


I have experience dealing with every income bracket, ranging from children to seniors, and consider myself skilled at reading and understanding the mindset of each customer: where they’re coming from, what they can afford, and what they’re willing to buy right now.


Assistant Manager
2014 - 2015
Lifeline Repairs

Duties included:

  • Daily opening and closing of shop
  • Employee training
  • Building in-house test equipment
  • SMT Soldering
  • Customer relations and Sales
  • Front Register
  • Inventory
  • PC/Laptop/Cellphone/Tablet sales
  • PC/Laptop/Cellphone/Tablet repair
  • Research and repair procedure documentation

2002 - 2014
Miami Tech Guru

It started as a hobby, and turned into my own business. Ironically, by sticking to this one business, I've gained insight into hundreds of others through my diverse clientele.


My customers are my best references; the following individuals have given me permission to use them are references:

Lifeline - CFO / Managing PartnerKestas Masanauskas

Tel: (678) 702-7109

Legnaro Akl Law Firm - CEOIlaria Akl

Tel: (305) 302-2584

Florida Villa Realty - OwnerGleb Klioner

Tel: (786) 445-0770

Weatherguard Industries - Managing PartnerAntonio Del Campo

Tel: (786) 201-2765



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